These are words spoken by the people and the press. This is verbatim.

"This is my musical journey, and I challenge everyone who is reading this, to shut off the world for a moment, turn this music on and just let it consume you.  You will get great transitions, a wide range of vocal styles, and intense rhythms, but the feeling you are left with after you are done listening will be your own gift.  Thank you Homerik for such a lovely gift and for bringing this experience to my life."
- Destiny, a.k.a. Italian Metal Queen (Darkland Promotions)
"A step ahead of many metal bands in terms of their scope and the time they’ve taken to carefully curate suites of music which transport the listener through time and space, Homerik are worthy practitioners of a new kind of intelligent, affecting thrash."
- TheLightningNation1 (Sonic News)

"A riot blockbuster... like a film score."

- Russ Evans (Russ Evans Music Show; Ridge Radio UK)

"Best of all is Wendigo, the opening screams and slow build of chest-bursting percussion giving way to some top-notch atmospherics. A real blood-chiller and a great indication of what Homerik have to offer in the future, hopefully."
- Devil Horns Music

"An almost vaudevillian exercise in stage metal..."

"Their passion for unhinged, challenging art ranges from the traditional gothic to the twisted, epic, video game worlds of God of War, giving you glimpses of the darker sides of humanity before whisking you off to plague-infected pastures new."
- Hear Me Raw
"Rest assured, Homerik never loses sight of the metal. A prime example is “Unforgotten Kin,” where the vocal work invokes a devilish choir from limbo, which sounds like Hades, perhaps chanting to Beelzebub himself. The drumming is extreme, the guitar edgy and the mood firmly hellish."
- Paul J. Wolfle (Music Interview Magazine)
"Epic... you can go there with it like a little movie. It's exactly why we do the 'Metal Moment'."
- Tully Dio (Stone & Steel; KVCM 95.1)
"This is music that I found very interesting, extremely catchy and quirky, coupled with Middle Eastern and occasional folk influences thrown in for good measure. Certainly well worth checking out as this record ticks all the right boxes."
- Dave Ravenheart (Ravenheart Music)
"My personal highlight of the album The Ire of Green brings together Irish style folk with fiddle and tin whistle mixed effortlessly with sharp, stabbing guitar chords, reminiscent of a heavier, darker Gogol Bordello."
- Rocky Road
"Beginning with ‘Curse of the Black Nile’, an epic monstrosity incorporating lines from one of the most disturbing Ancient Egyptian texts (The Cannibal Hymn). The track has a regal elegance that slowly descends into something more sinister the longer it plays. Crescendo-ing into a rapid heavy metal drum beat and combining with a mixture of soft and aggressive spitting of lyrics."
- Skye W. Winwood (Music News Today)
"'A Song of the Night Part 1' plunges from the frolicking earnestness of European classical into the archetypically Metal rancour of tolling church bells and chugging riffage, with a choir of Gregorian monks rounding things out with typical histrionics."
- Callum Oliver (Snackatrack)
"Homerik are one of those bands you feel you could grow up with. They’ve done their homework both musically and academically, with the sounds of metal both aged and modern flowing through their limbs, and the lore of the ancients stalking through their lyrics. There’s a comfort that they, like you, actually care about what they’re doing – they aren’t just throwing songs out there for the Hell of it, there’s time and great thought in the material they have created: it matters."
- Somebody Told Me...


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